Investment Strategy

We discover the best investment opportunities that generate attractive risk-
adjusted returns and at the same time meet risk and return objectives of
our investors under a given market environment.

Our investment professionals have extensive experiences of investments across real estate market cycles, including
the boom and bust before and after the Global Financial Crisis as well as the bull market caused by a global liquidity

Real Property Investment

- We incorporate cycle approach to our real assets investment where we invest into real properties in the bottoming
  cycle and sell them down on the peaking cycle.

- Also, we prefer core assets in gateway cities that show low volatility during the bottoming market while retaining
  upside potential during the rising market.

Mezzanine Loan Investment

During the boom period where competition for core assets intensifies, we prefer mezzanine loan investments
with core assets pledged as collateral, which generate relatively stable risk-adjusted returns compared to
real property investment.

Senior Loan Investment

We invest into senior loan investments as long as reasonable risk-adjusted return is expected, considering market
cycles only to certain degrees. In addition, we expand our investment scope to non-core assets and CRE portfolios
with established track record as well as the bright prospect of stable cash-flow across cycles.