Investment Philosophy

Meritz Way

Meritz Alternative Investment Management aims to become the most
trusted asset management company by its clients and partners

The Foundation of Our Business

- We believe that trust between us and our clients is at the very core of our business.

- We will manage our clients’ capital as if it were our own and will strive to invest and manage our clients’ capital
  to beable to bring the best of us to our clients


- Our team is comprised of highly experienced investment professionals with extensive experiences of both
  domestic and outbound real estate investments over USD 5 BN

- Especially, our team is characterized by its comprehensive and diversified experiences across all stages of
  outbound real estate investment, including acquisition, operation and disposition

Investment Criteria

- We assess investment opportunities under conservative criteria so as to preserve principal even in the worst
  market environment

- Our investments are limited to those in which we can hedge expected risks under conservative criteria and
  generate attractive risk-adjusted returns

- Risks are rigorously assessed before investing and constantly monitored/responded to throughout the investment cycle